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Sri Ramajayam Trust Established in 2009 with the main Aim of Feeding the really starving people. Since we are small, our vicinity is in and around Pollachi only. From 2009 our Service Activities are growing slowly and now we have located 500 Beneficiaries and every day we are providing one meal to each of these persons.

The Beneficiaries include very poor, mentally retarded, physically disabled persons, helpless parents driven out by their sons and daughters, road side beggars, the poor people in Government Hospitals and the really needy persons. Also our services have spread to other small join hands in our activities. Your help in any sort is highly appreciable. We assure you, that your help will reach the really deserving people. We humbly request you to kindly visit us atleast once, please.

Activities Related To Differently Abled Persons

Our Trust takes special care for disabled persons to help them to lead their life independently and not as a burden to their families and society in the following ways:

  1. Through sponsors and from our own funds we provide necessary appliances like sticks, wheelchairs, artificial limbs, and cataract eye surgeries; depending upon their capability we supply equipment machineries like we’re Grinder, Xerox machines, sewing machines, iron boxes, etc., Disabled persons can earn and lead an independent life.
  2. We took all our efforts that disabled persons can receive Government aids.
  3. We are arranging for medical check-ups and treatment for aliments.
  4. We are giving monthly 1000/- to 10 poor and needy people for medicine and tablets.

Activities on Tribal Welfare

Now we are concentrating to extend medical services and food supply to Narikoravar and tribal people. Our trust has provided sewing machines to few people so that they can lead independent life.
  1. During the time of Deepawali (2022 Oct) Dresses to 200 children at various hamlets in Valparai was given through the Valparai Thasildhar Mr. Sundarraj.
  2. For the Last two years Blankets and Sweeters were given to various scheduled tribe’s settlements in TopSlip and Valparai. More than 200 tribes were benefited.

Activities in Rural and Urban Areas

80% of the population of our country lives in rural areas and main work is agriculture. Hence our trust’s activities are mainly rural oriented.
  1. Fifty poor people were given Dothis and Sarees in Ambarampalayam Village on 05.11.22.
  2. On October 2022 the primary Health Centre was done with maintenance and paint works.
  3. During 75th Independence day according to our Priminister’s call more than thousand houses hoisted National flag in Kunjipalayam Village by our motivation and thenational Flag were given.
  4. During 2022 Deepawali 200 handicaped children were given dress and sweets. Also 180 oldage beggers on roadside were given Dresses and Sweets in Pollachi town area.
  5. In Pollachi town area Eighty, Oldaged persons were given chappals and sleeping mats were given.



Our Trust is evincing keen interest in providing education to children who lost their parents, children's of disabled parents...




The main tank in Pollachi called Theppakkulam was Desilted at a cost of Ten lakhs with Sub-Collectors Co-Operation in which...



Eye & Body Donation

Also the Street side beggers who die and their unclaimed bodies are disposed with the Concent of Police department and Govt...




We are providing free medical services (dressing of wounds, medicines for various ailments, deforming medicines etc)...